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Fable 3: A More Accurate Millfields Map

I've had a lot of problems getting lost in this area so I made myself a better map. I was going to make it pretty before posting it, and maybe I still will, but here it is in it's current state. Of course this is not 100% accurate but definitely 100% better then the map in the game that is practically useless for getting around in this area.

Fable 3 Legendary Weapon Guide

Achievement: We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns [20 Achievement Points]

Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won’t all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes! 

A lot of people are complaining about this one. It forces you to participate with other people on Live. I think it is kind of fun. A lot of the achievements are extremely easy. I’m at 37 out of 50 (74% completion). I’m on my second playthrough already because I missed a couple the first time.

1 playthrough will grant your hero 25 weapons, either obtained through shops, quests or chests. The weapons are randomly generated. The other 25 have to be scavanged through trades by “gifts” with other Xbox Live players. (Or your other Xbox live account)
Out of the 25, 12 weapons can be purchased in your hero’s game world stores. There are 3 stores and each will have 4 unique weapons: a rifle, a pistol, a hammer and a sword. But those 12 are bound to your hero world and will not change. To get the other purchased weapons, all you have to do is visit another hero world (as in another Live account) and go to the stores. Since I created my second playthrough on the same gamer tag, I simply created a dummy account and use it to transfer stuff from one to another.

The 3 Weapons shops are

1. Brightwood Village
2. Bowerstone Market
3. Aurora

Another 12 weapons are found in certain chests. These are completely random, so there is no way to tell which weapon will end up in which chest, but they will be unique.
1 weapon is obtained through a quest.

Fable 3 Legendary Weapons List*

*I’ve indicated which shops I found my weapons in each playthrough.

Fable 3 Legendary Swords:
  • The Swinging Sword
  • Avo’s Lamentation
  • Thunderblade
  • Souldrinker
  • Beadle’s Cutlass
  • Mr Stabby [shops] *Bowerstone Market
  • The Splade [shops] *Brightwall Village
  • The Casanova [shops]
  • The Merchant’s Bodyguard [shops] *Brightwall Village, Bowerstone Market
  • The Love Sword [shops] *Aurora
  • Really Sharp Pair of Scissors
  • Slimquick [shops]
  • Wolfsbane [Limited Ed. only, Complete the Silverpines quest]

Fable 3 Legendary Hammers:
  • The TYPO
  • Scythe’s Warhammer
  • Hammer of Wilmageddon
  • Sorrow’s Fist
  • Jack’s Hammer
  • The Tenderiser [Complete Dark Sanctum quests]
  • Faerie Hammer of the Moon King [shops] *Brightwall Village
  • Tannar’s Glory
  • Mallett’s Mallet [shops] *Bowerstone Market
  • Lunarium Pounder [shops] *Bowerstone Market
  • Aurora’s Shield [shops] -- Brightwall Village
  • Dragonbone Hammer [shops] *Aurora
  • Trollblight [shops]
  • The Champion [Pre-order Amazon code, doesn't count toward achievement]
  • The Bloodstone Bludgeon [Pre-order (not limited ed), doesn't count toward achievement]

Fable 3 Legendary Pistols:
  • Dragonstomper .48
  • Briar’s Blaster
  • Chickenbane
  • The Ice Maiden
  • Bloodcraver
  • Gnomewrecker
  • Desert Fury [shops]
  • Tee Killer Shooter
  • The Bonesmasher [shops] *Brightwall Village
  • Holy Vengeance [shops]
  • Mirians’s Mutilator [shops] *Bowerstone Market
  • The Barnumificator [shops] *Bowerstone Market
  • Reaver Industries Perforator [shops] *Aurora

Fable 3 Legendary Rifles:
  • The Sandgoose
  • Skorm’s Justice
  • The Shrieking Pilgrim
  • The Equaliser
  • Defender of the Faith [shops]
  • Swift Irregular [shops]
  • Ol’ Malice [shops]
  • Simmons Shotgun
  • Arkwright’s Flintlock
  • Facemelter [shops] *Brightwall Village
  • Marksman 500
  • The Hero’s Companion [shops] *Aurora, Bowerstone Market
  • Scattershot [shops] *Bowerstone Market
  • Gusket's Musket [Pre-order (not limited ed), doesn't count toward achievement]

World locations with legendary weapons

Mistpeak Valley Demon Door
Perform three unique expressions to a "LIVE" friend to open the Demon Door. I simply called up my dummy Xbox Live account interacted with it 3 times and the door opened.

Millfields Silver Key Chest
The chest is located behind the statue near the Demon Door. It’s the first path to the right as you’re moving away from the Demon Door.

Mourningwood Dark Sanctum Silver Key Chest
To enter Dark Sanctum you’ll have to first complete a questline that starts with “No Good Temple.“ When you’re getting a lever or gear for a part of the quest you’ll reach the room where the first flit switch will be located. Then you’ll have to complete a series of actions with the switch to open the secret door.

Puzzle in the Sunset House
The Sunset House is accessed through Mourningwood. It’s a puzzle just to enter the house. First you have to visit it when it’s daylight and look at the statues in the gazebo on the left. Then come back at night and activate each statue until it has the same pose as it did in the daytime. Then the house will appear and you’ll be able to enter it. The house has several other puzzles before reaching the chest. First you’ll have to beat the chess game. (You don’t actually have to beat it). Then once in the dining room you’ll have to move your reflected skull into flit switch positions. Then to open the side-rooms you’ll have to shoot the green orbs. The legendary weapon is in a chest in the side-room of the reflection.

Sunset House Gold Key Door
The Golden door is to the right as you’re facing the house and you’ll need a gold key to open it.

Treasure Chest in Hero's Sanctuary Trophy Room
Amass 5,000,000 in gold, the pile will be high practically to the ceiling giving you access to the little opening in the wall to retrieve the key. The chest is now buried under the gold so move it either to the treasury (after revolution) or gift it to a dummy account; open the chest then get the money back. I suggest saving it for after the revolution if you’re going the “Good” route as you’ll need more than 6.5 M to keep all the promises.

Aurora Demon Door
Return to Aurora after the revolution. Achieve absolute evil or goodness to open the Demon Door.

Beat High Score at Mourningwood Fort Mortar Game
First buy the Mourningwood Fort, then play the mortar game until you rack up 2000 points by killing 200 hollow man in 200 seconds. (Also a separate achievement, and much easier said than done. I’ve only been able to get about 1300 points so far.)

The Ossuary Gold Key Door
The Ossuary is in Mourningwood and you’ll have to complete the quest line that starts with “Bored to Death” to even enter it. There is a golden door on top of some stairs and you’ll need a gold key to open it. Inside will be a sarcophagus with a legendary weapon.

Aurora Silver Key Chest
In order for this chest to appear you have to rule to create a mine in aurora.  If you fulfill your promise you will miss out on this puzzle. 
Beat the Goddess Puzzle in the Auroran Mine by performing a level 3 magic attack on the 8 flit switches after shooting 8 other switches throughout the mine. The chest will then appear in the statue's hands.

Bowerstone Castle Silver Key Chest
In the castle garden (right side) there is a silver chest that requires 50 silver keys.  So first you will have to collect all the keys (separate achievement) and then you'll be able to open this chest and retrieve the last legendary weapon.

Please leave a comment if you have additional information or edits and I will update the list.


Silver and Gold Key Guides